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Thread: Sad really

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    Larry, Jim and I have a lease in South Carolina and most my hunting now devoted to that. With all the changes to duck hunting in my area I quickly lost interest. Haven't been drawn in 3 years. I do manage one or two hunts a season but that's it. My son is of age now and took his first buck and doe this year. That was an awesome week. I also took a 9 and 8 point. Good seeing some of you guys on.
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    I kind of agree with most of you guys. I am fishing more and duck hunting less. Just hard to get up at 3 for a duckless sunrise scenario.

    I don't mind evening duck hunts. I do some of those on the salt for sure.

    It is fake hunting but I have a little English cocker that loves to bird hunt so we release quail and pheasant. Still fun and pretty easy.
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    Great to see you all are posting ,myself I have been doing a lot of deer hunting it seems
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