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Thread: Frog Gigging

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    Default Frog Gigging

    I Was Thinking About Trying Frog Gigging Season. I Was Wondering What Was The Best Time Of Year? And Do You Recomend Any General Areas To Try?
    Thanks, Woody

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    Frog gigging... Let me tell you a funny story about frogs... My parents live on a ski lake outside of Tampa and a couple of years ago they decided to put in a new pool. Well, as you can imagine, there are tons of frogs down by the lake. The house is a good distance from the lake due to setbacks and a large property size, so unless you were listening closely outside or down by the lake you wouldn't realize how many frogs are actually around that lake. That was until they sprayed the marcite and along came the first rain. I never knew we had so many species of frogs here in Florida. On any given night you could walk out to the pool and there would be at least 6-12 different species sitting on the edge of the water. The interesting thing is that these different species all have uniquely different calls or croaks. Since there were so many species present at the same time, it sounded like.... a bunch of fricking frogs. Fast, slow, ribbits, croaks, squeaks, cackles...I can't think of anything to describe it. It was the perfect migraine trigger. Well, I came over one night to see the parents and since Pops can't stay up past 8 or 9, he was already in bed when I got there at about 8:30. Well, the pool was done and full of water, but the screen wasn't up yet. My Mom and I were commenting on how loud the frogs were from inside the house when we see The Old Man come barging out his bedroom door (that opens to the pool) in tighty-whities with a slipper in hand. Its probably 10-11 pm at this time and I was getting ready to leave. Well, as we look on from inside wandering what in the heck he's doing, he commences to smash every frog sitting around the pool with his slipper. It had to have been one of the funniest sights I've ever seen. From that point on, he smashed at least 10 frogs a night until the screen was completed. I've never seen him so intent on getting something finished around the house.

    Sorry, that has nothing to do with frog "gigging", but I thought the story was too good not to post.

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    Now that is a mental picture that no amount of therapy will remove! Too funny!! place to look for frogs is near fresh salt water all you'll see is crabs!
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    I used to frog gig all the time back in the days when we owned land on the kiss chain. I'd always go in spring or summertime around 2300. I did'nt think it really matterd what time of year to go but I'm not a pro in this at all.
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    You might want to ask the guys on the LA Forum.

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    H.L. I can see coach out there now going after those frogs. Too funny.
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    if you were giggin fish i could be of better help.but, last year we were out giigin freshwater flounder and i saw the biggest frog i've ever seen it looked like a softball. actually saw about 5 that size. we went on the darkest nights no moon and overcast.

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    Thanks For The Help Guys.

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    The best time of the year to gig frogs is between turkey season and early wood duck-teal season, that way you can stay out all night. I've always done better in the late summer or early fall, anywhere on top of the hydrilla.

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    I've spent some time Frogging with an Old Timer or two. As long as its a pretty warm night anytime of year is good, it could be 45 out one night and warm up quick to 60 the next and they'll be out. As far as where to go, anywhere with water, food and cover.
    It seems that the older/larger frogs tend to stick in the thickest imanigable stuff in the area untill later, after the predators have gotten their fill on the smaller younger frogs that are abundantly visble from dusk on.
    It may be 1 am or later before the larger frogs come out to play. Darker nights are good but moonlit nights can do as well, just pay attention to where your shadow is cast to not spook them. Use a dimmer light on moonlit nights as well.
    I've also noticed that you can pass through an area, gig every sizeable frog there turn around and do it again and the frogs will be where you run your boat through grass and flattened it out.
    Make sure you have good gig, frogs can and will pull thereselves off the gig if it does not have adequate barbs.
    Strange critter's they are. Probably the only animal you can rung a gig through pull its innards out of the body with the gig and the booger will live for a day or two if kept moist and cool.

    Good luck, let us know how you do.
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