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Our intention at AWF is to provide safe entertainment and First Rate knowledge to all who visit us. Our Moderators will have our complete support in assuring the above by following these basic guidelines which we hope you will respect.

1.) No Vulgar Language or Inappropriate images will be allowed. The interpretation of this will be at the Moderators determination. We hope you will share our maintaining an ethical standard.

2.) No SPONSOR of the AWF site will subjected to a BASHING by our members. Constructive critisism is one thing, Bashing is another.

3.) All AWF members will be allowed to voice their opinion without the fear of having it jambed back down their throat. Everyone will be entitled to their opinon and debating it is respectable, destroying ones character or integrity for it is another.

4.) Spam- No Spam allowed at anytime. If you own a websight and would like to post a link please ask first. If you are intrested in being a sponsor please PM American Waterfowlers. Any links posted in signatures without prior permission will be deleted by the Admin. We may also send a PM asking you to take it down if this is not done in 24 hours we will take it down. Repeated offenders will NOT be allowed on the fourms. Our sponsors pay to advertise with us and we will protect their investment for them.